Destiny Awaits!

Welcome to Correntia.com, the online home of the Correntia universe. I hope you enjoy what you find here. The Correntia novels and writings are not a singular story told in sequence; you don’t have to start at the beginning to enjoy them. However, if you’re new, I suggest beginning with Chronicles of Correntia Book 1: Lessons. Besides being a bargain at only $1, this is the first story and introduces one of the most important characters. That way, if you find you enjoy my writing, you can easily move on without being lost, and if not, you’re only out a buck. Other types of media may appear here over time, but for now, Correntia is strictly a literary universe.

The struggle of good against evil and love against hate is one of the primary themes of my writing, as are the true meanings of concepts like power, justice and sacrifice. I hope you enjoy exploring these concepts as much as I do.